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What to do if your computer is not responding
You might be working happily on your computer when suddenly the screen freezes or the mouse no longer seems to function. This is sometimes called a "crash". Don't worry, there are a number of things you can do.

Firstly, just wait a while. Your computer could be taking its time doing something.

If that doesn't work, press CTRL, ALT, DELETE keys at the same time. This will display a window called the Windows Task manager. Click on (highlight) the application you want to close (it will usually be shown as "not responding"), then click End Task. Close the window to see if your computer is responding again.

If your computer still doesn't respond, press CTRL + ALT + DELETE again and try clicking SHUT DOWN in the dialog box. If this doesn't work (and we're getting desperate at this stage) press the Reset button (usually near your power on switch) or press the power button for a couple of seconds until the computer shuts down.

The last resort is to turn off the power switch.

When you reboot your computer you may see a screen the gives startup options. Choose "start Windows normally" and all should be well.