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Did you know most Windows applications offer keyboard shortcuts, as an alternative to going through the menu bars?
For example, instead of saving a document by going File, then Save, you could press the keyboard shortcut [CTRL] + [S] (by pressing the [CTRL] key on your keyboard and the [S] key together).

[F1]: Help (Help and Support Center).
[F2]: Rename.
[F3]: Search.
[F4]: Close program (or Windows itself).
[F5]: Refresh folder or web page.
[F6]: Tabs between desktop icons, Start button and taskbar items.
[F10]: Select first menu item in an open window or program.
[CTRL] + [F4]: Close the active window.
[ALT] + [F4]: Quit the program open.
[CTRL] + [ESC]: Open the Start menu.
[ALT] + [TAB]: Switch between running programs

Microsoft Office
[F1]: Help
[CTRL] + [F2]: Print Preview.
[SHIFT] + [F3]: Change selected text into capital letters.
[F4]: Repeat the last action.
[F5]: Go to menu.
[F6]: Next pane or frame.
[F7]: Run Spelling and Grammar check.
[F8]: Extend current text selection.
[F9]: Update selected fields.
[F10]: Activate menu bar and select File menu.
[F11]: Go to next field (eg. web address).
[F12]: Open Save As dialog box. Windows Explorer/Internet Explorer

[F1]: Help
[F5]: Refresh the current web page.
[F11]: Toggle between full screen and the regular view of the browser window.
[CTRL] + [P]: Find on this page.
[CTRL] + [N]: Open a new browser window.
[CTRL] + [W]: Close the current browser window.
[CTRL] + [D]: Add the current page to your Favorites
[CTRL] + [B]: Open the Organize Favorites dialog box.
[CTRL] + [E]: Open Search bar in Explorer.
[CTRL] + [I]: Open Favorites bar in Explorer.
[CTRL] + [H]: Open History bar in Explorer.
[CTRL] + [ENTER]: Inserts www to the beginning and .com to the end of text typed in the Address bar.
[ALT] + [HOME]: Go to your home page.
[BACKSPACE]: Go to the previous page.
[UP ARROW]: Scroll upwards.
[DOWN ARROW]: Scroll downwards.
[PAGE UP]: Scroll upwards in larger increments.
[PAGE DOWN]: Scroll downwards in larger increments.
[HOME]: Go to the top of the page.
[END]: Go to the bottom of the page.

Windows Applications
[CTRL] + [N] - New.
[CTRL] + [O] - Open.
[CTRL] + [S] - Save.
[CTRL] + [P] - Print.
[CTRL] + [Z] - Undo.
[CTRL] + [Y] - Redo.
[CTRL] + [X] - Cut highlighted text.
[CTRL] + [C] - Copy highlighted text.
[CTRL] + [V] - Paste text that was cut or copied.